Memory Recall Prevent® – World’s first nootropic that can help prevent memory loss and brain ageing

Are you at risk for memory decline? Does memory loss run in the family?

The idea that there is a chance you are going to experience memory loss in the future, in lighter or more severe forms can be a frightening prospect.

This chance can be more or less likely, depending on hereditary, environmental and other factors. For example, if you have a family member suffering from memory loss, unfortunately there is a higher probability that you will also be confronted with this condition yourself.

Moreover, due to our western diets and lifestyles, the numbers of people suffering from memory loss keep increasing, currently sitting at 45 million people worldwide.

With Memory Recall Prevent® we provide a powerful, natural remedy that can prevent memory loss and brain ageing. Our unique formula is based on the most recent scientific studies regarding brain health and the formation of memory dysfunctions in the brain.

Memory Recall Prevent® – A Natural Remedy Against Memory Loss

  • The best natural formula to prevent memory loss
  • Inhibits the formation of plaques & tangles, which are the reason we lose memory as we age
  • A unique formula, made from 3 potent plant-based botanicals
  • Innovative extraction methods, invented by Europe’s leading edge botanical experts
  • 100% organic, high-quality ingredients from natural habitats and ecosystems, exclusively grown for Hitoshin’s® products

Causes For Memory Loss & Memory Decline

Recent scientific studies confirms what traditional natural healers knew for ages

The connection between our diets and our brain functioning is well known in the traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurverdic medicine. The belly-brain connection is highly respected and acknowledged in these cultures.

Recently, Western science is starting to “catch up” and confirm what these ancient healing modalities have been claiming for thousands of years – The latest scientific research increasingly supports the theory that our gut health plays a major role in the development of memory dysfunctions.

A typical western diet contains processed foods, red meat, food additives and other unnatural substances that we take in through on a daily basis,  and can result in a disturbance of the gut-brain axis, causing inflammation and symptoms of various central nervous system diseases.

For people who are genetically vulnerable to memory problems, this can trigger the beginning of severe memory issues.

Plaques & tangles in the brain

Plaques & tangles are toxic to your brain and cause healthy neurons to die. They also disintegrate the connections between neurons, called synapses. Ultimately, plaques & tangles lead to a progressive decline in memory and cognition.

Plaques form when a protein pieces called beta-amyloid clump together.  The beta-amyloid protein involved in Alzheimer’s comes in a few different molecular forms that collect between neurons. This protein is formed from the breakdown of a larger protein, called amyloid precursor protein.

Neurofibrillary tangles are abnormal accumulations of a protein called tau that is being collected inside neurons in the brain. These tangles block the neuron’s transport system, which harms the synaptic communication between neurons.

Memory Recall Prevent® Combines Nature’s Best Remedies To Prevent Memory Decline

Memory Recall Prevent® contains 3 ingredients that
specifically target the causes of memory loss:

Hericium Erinaceus

The Hericium Erinaceus mushroom contains certain active ingredients, among which the powerful bèta-glucans, that have an incredible effect on gut health.

At Hitoshin, we successfully isolated these API’s (active pharmaceutical ingredients) to create our unique Hericium Erinaceus formulas , from the fruiting body (MED/Ph/FB-API0068) and from the Mycelium (MED/Ph/My-API0080).

Recent scientific studies suggests that the initial cause of Alzheimer’s takes place in the gut. The absolute best form of prevention is to keep your stomach as healthy as it can possibly be, by taking Hericium Erinaceus.

Apart from its benefit for optimizing and maintaining gut health, Hericium Erinaceus also contains erinacines, the substance that stimulates the production of NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) in our brain.

NGF is responsible for stimulating the (re)growth of our neurons and the connections between them. Research shows that it is very likely that in Alzheimer’s disease, there is a decrease in NGF, resulting in fewer neurons and connections between the neurons.

Uncaria Tomentosa

Research has shown that Uncaria Tomentosa is a powerful natural inhibitor and reducer of both plaques and tangles.

It prevents the build-up of certain proteins in the brain, that occur in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and associated with brain aging in general.

At Hitoshin, we use an exclusive extraction formula (Med/Ph/Ba-API002040), that contains the optimal concentration of proanthocyanidins, the active pharmaceutical ingredient that combats plaques & tangles in the brain.

The active ingredients in Uncaria Tomentosa enter the blood-brain barrier within two minutes. Studies also show that the Uncaria Tomentosa  has the potential to combat neurodegeneration.

Aside from that, Uncaria Tomentosa is incredible for our overall health, with its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune boosting properties.

Sideritis Scardica

Studies have shown that Sideritis Scardica is capable of preventing memory decline and other forms of neurodegeneration.

At Hitoshin, we use the unique extraction method that was used at the Heidelberg university (and shown to have powerful qualities in supporting brain health), to create our own highly effective Sideritis Scardica extract (Med/Ph/Fs-API000144)

Sideritis Scardica reduces the amount of amyloid-bèta plaques, that are responsible for memory loss and neuron death in Alzheimer in the brain of animals. It also alleviates the toxicity of the plaques.

In addition to that, The Sideritis Scardica has several neuroprotective properties, such as the activation of microglia intensification :

Microglia consists of gliacells that play an incredibly important role in our central nervous system’s immune response. The microglia in our brain continuously scans for plaques and damaged or unwanted neurons.



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