Memory Recall® – World’s first nootropic that stimulates
Neuroplasticity and combat plaques & tangles

Your Brain Can Heal Itself!

We used to believe that our brains are fixed and unchangeable. But recently, scientific studies have shown that our brain is capable of repairing and restructuring itself. It can recreate neurons and restore the connections between neurons. This ability is known as neuroplasticity.

Based on the latest research, we created Memory Recall® – a unique plant-based nootropic formula that stimulates neuroplasticity and combats plaques and tangles. It’s specifically designed to support and enhance your memory.

Memory Recall® – A Natural Remedy Against Memory Loss

  • Enhances memory and improves relearning ability
  • Inhibits the formation of plaques & tangles, and has anti-inflammatory capacities
  • A unique formula, made from 3 potent plant-based ingredients
  • Innovative extraction methods, invented by Europe’s leading edge botanical experts
  • 100% organic, high-quality ingredients from natural habitats and ecosystems, exclusively grown for Hitoshin’s® products

A Unique Combination of 3 Potent Plant-Based Ingredients

Memory Recall® is a natural remedy that combines three potent ingredients, grown exclusively for Hitoshin’s® products

Hericium Erinaceus

Hericium Erinaceus contains properties that quickly pass through the blood-brain barrier and stimulate the production of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in the brain. This is a protein that increases the production of new neurons and the connections between these neurons.

Scientific studies have shown a link between memory impairment and a loss of NGF. This mushroom naturally increases the presence of this neurotrophic factor in our brains, slowing and reversing degeneration of our neurons.

At Hitoshin, we use an exclusive extraction formula of Hericium Erinaceus, that contains both the fruiting body (MED/Ph/FB-API0068) and the mycelium (MED/Ph/My-API0080). This way, we achieve the precise concentration of Erinacines, to optimize NGF in the brain.

Uncaria Tomentosa

Uncaria Tomentosa is a potent, natural solution coming from the Amazonian rainforest, that inhibits and reduces the accumulation of beta-amyloid plaques and tau protein tangles in the brain. It acts fast as it reaches the brain within 2 minutes after entering the bloodstream.

Scientific studies show that the main cause for memory decline and memory related diseases is the formation of plaques and tangles in the brain.

At Hitoshin, we use an exclusive extraction formula (Med/Ph/Ba-API002040), that contains the optimal concentration of proanthocyanidins, the active pharmaceutical ingredient that combats plaques & tangles in the brain.

Sideritis Scardica

Sideritis Scardica  is a plant that was highly studied in the Heidelberg university in Germany.

Sideritis Scardica extracts inhibit aggregation and toxicity of amyloid-β in Caenorhabditis elegans in the brain, this way helps preventing memory related diseases.

At Hitoshin, we use the exact same Sideritis Scardica (Med/Ph/Fs-API000144) extracts that were researched at the Heidelberg university.

The New Science of Neuroplasticity

NGF is a Protein That Stimulates The Production Of New Neurons

Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) is a protein that plays a major role in stimulating the production of new neurons. Neurological disorders stop the brain from producing its own NGF-supply. A lack of NGF is considered to be the most plausible underlying mechanism for neurodegenerative diseases.

NGF improves the brain’s capacity to build new neural networks. It supports myelination in the brain (which helps with passing on signals) and increases the survival and differentiation of neurons.

Plaques & Tangles: The Cause of Memory Loss

Your brain is a magnificent organ. However, our brains slowly begin to decline in early adulthood by accumulating ‘plaques & tangles’. These are the causes of Alzheimer’s and other memory related disease.

Plaques & tangles are toxic to your brain and cause healthy neurons to die. They also disintegrate the connections between neurons, called synapses. Ultimately, plaques & tangles lead to a progressive decline in memory and cognition.

Recent Scientific Studies Confirms What Traditional Natural Healers Knew For Ages

Traditional Chinese medicine, Amazonian medicine and Ayurverdic medicine have been using plants to improve the brain’s health and functioning for thousands of years.

The most recent neuroplasiticity studies shows the brain’s response to natural medicine.


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